Anderson Group RB200

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  • Knife cutting the plastic film after a new bale has been placed on the wrapper’s table.
  • Table with seamless belts allowing each type of bales to rotate and be wrapped evenly. The unloading system RB200 differs from the competition in the stability of its table. While other products on the market will tend to twist and turn when they unload, the Anderson RB200 keeps the table hydraulically in a stable position for the bale to be unloaded in a straight line.
  • The RB200 is connected to the tractor by means of a 3-point hitch system, powered by the tractor's hydraulic pump motor.
  • World class aluminum stretcher.
  • Bale counter displaying the number of bale wrapped.
  • Bale guide rollers keep the bales centered on the wrapper even when on a slope.
  • Manual wrapping process via the hydraulic control levers of the tractor.



Round bale diameter Up to 5' 6" (1.65 m)
Round bale length Up to 5' (1.5 m)
Square bale n/a
Wrapping speed Up to 30 bales/h
Wrapping process Manual
Mode 3 point hitch
Aluminum film stretcher 1 × 30" (750 mm)
Engine N/A
Bale dumper N/A
Bale guides rollers Standard
Leveling system N/A
Road lights N/A
Night Work lights N/A
Tires N/A
High floatation Tires N/A
Plastic cut & hold system Plastic cut only
Self-loading arm N/A
Electronic bale counter Standard
Tractor Minimum Hydraulic Flow 8 gal/min (30 litres/min)
Tractor Minimum Hydraulic Pressure 2200 psi