Art's Way 1350

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Model 1350 – wide raking abilities

Art’s Way offers a large diameter single rotor rake to follow big mower conditioners through the field. With an impressive 12-1/2 foot rotor diameter and a raking width up to 15-1/2 feet, this rake can easily handle large volumes of hay. Folds to a width of just 8 ft. 3 in. for easy transport and convenient storage.

Height adjustment

Dual front and rear cylinders lift the rake evenly for infinite fine tuning, or raise completely for additional clearance over windrows and waterways. Both cylinders have screw stops for ease of depth control. Full lift height provides 17 inch tine clearance. Screw style jack has convenient “out of the way” storage location.

Modular gearbox design

The 13 arm gearbox is a sealed modular design that is built in sections. This strong design gives the 13 arm 12-1/2 foot rotor ample support to handle the rigors of high volume raking. Cam adjust lever moves to multiple positions to fine tune the discharge point of the crop.

  • Adjustable cam for fine tuning cam action
  • Heat treated nodular iron cam Wide cam track and rollers (grease lubricated)
  • Ball bearing cam followers
  • Large diameter tine arm shafts (1045 heat treated material)
  • Large greaseable ring gear and pinion (9.7 to 1 gear ratio)
  • Massive center shaft Folds to require a minimum of storage space


Lower frame and axle pivot

  • Structural steel tubing frame for superior lower frame rigidity
  • Clevis style axle mount hinge with large 1-1/4″ greaseable pivot pins
  • “Scissor style” lift links use large 1-1/4 greaseable pivot pins on lower, center and upper pivots


Lights, markings, SMV sign

  • Amber lights, visible fore and aft; red lights visible from rear
  • SMV sign standard
  • Reflective decals indicate overall rake width for safer transport


Overall transport width 8 ft. 3 in.


Model 1350
Working width Up to 15' 6"
Raking width 12' 6"
Transport width 8' 3" folded
Gear box grease filled modular design
Tine arms 13
Double tines per arm 4
PTO/HP required 40 hp - 540 RPM optional hydraulic
Raking direction left std / right optional
Hydraulic requirement 1800 psi
Weight 1,900 lbs w/tandem axle
Tandem axle standard
Tires 18 x 8.5 x 8 floatation 10 ply
Trans. Lights/SMV sign standard