Art's Way 900

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Hydraulic height adjustment
Enjoy the convenience and superior raking performance of being able to adjust raking height on the go, and setting transport position without leaving the tractor. Extra heavy hydraulic components assure long life.
High strength construction
Built heavier than the imports, with up to 60% more steel. Rugged, totally engineered design assures long life.
Adjustable swath curtain
The swath curtain is made from heavy duty belting, more durable than other designs, and bolted in place. Swath curtains adjust in and out as well as up and down on all models, plus fore and aft on 1150, 1350 and 2250 models.
Fully enclosed gearbox
Gears run in grease and cams in oil (1350 runs in grease). Components are protected from damage by dirt and field chaff. Gearbox is protected by an overload clutch on PTO shaft.
Tandem axles, flotation tires, heat treated tines
Tandem axles (optional on model 900) with large flotation tires provide a smooth ride over rough field conditions. High strength tubular box steel tine arms (removable for storage) hold heat-treated, double-tooth spring steel tines. Models 1150 and 2250 use 2 side by side spiral pins on each tine arm to hold tine arms to the cam shafts.
Constant velocity PTO driveline

Constant velocity PTO driveline for smooth quiet, tight turns.


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