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Farm King 750 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Farm King 750 for sale at White's Farm Supply

Triplex Finishing Mower 750

Three of these finishing mowers together create one magnificent volume grass trimmer: the Triplex Finishing Mower. Nine blades generate a powerful vacuum for a crisp, clean cut. Each deck floats independently over rolling terrain for a uniform, manicured trim.



The Triplex Finishing Mower is designed to be transported with ease. A cast clevis hitch is standard and a 2-5/16" ball hitch is optional for road transport. The 5-position hitch adjustment makes it easy to move, regardless of the hitch height of the tow vehicle. The decks are lifted into position by hydraulic cylinders and are automatically locked in place for transport. The decks are unlocked right from the tractor seat using a cable, or can be released using the optional hydraulic system.

Tapered roller bearings in the wheel hubs ensure long- term reliability without needing frequent lubrication. The standard front UHMW roller prevents scalping on uneven turf.

There is a 1-5/8" blade overlap on the 465, while all the other models have a 2-5/8" blade overlap. This overlap helps to prevent stripping, especially when turning.

A forgiving yoke design creates the ability to follow the terrain, yet maintain a seamless finish, available on models 565 and 665.

The model 765 has four wheels on each of the three decks. Models 665 and 565 have four wheels on the wing decks and two on the center deck. The 465 has three wheels on the wing decks and two on the center deck.


Model 750
Cutting width 19.9'
Transportation width (approx.) 108"
Transportation height / length, (approx.) 123" / 211"
Recommended horsepower 80 hp
Wing flex* 40° up 10° down
Deck overlap 6"
Gear box rating at 540 RPM  
Hitch type  
Driveline main / wings Series 4-80° CV / series 2
Deck width / thickness 7' / 7 Ga.
Deck tires 12 (15 " x 6 " x 6 ")
Main frame tire 2 (27" x 10-1/2" x 15")
Blades per deck / overlap 3 blades / 2-5/8"
Blade tip speed 18,552 ft/min
Cutting height 1-1/2" to 4-1/2"
Mower drive system 2 belt B groove
Front roller 4" x 7" UHMW Poly
Weight 4530 lbs

* Not recommended for operation greater than 30°, actual measurement based on mower deck flex.