Killbros Farm 212, 214, 215

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Standard Features:

Killbros Gravity Box Augers consist of durable six-inch steel tubing for protection and longevity. They are available in 12-, 14- and 15-foot sizes and with cupped-steel, plastic or brush flighting. These efficient augers move between 10-14 bushels of seed or grain per minute or 900 lbs. of fertilizer per minute (based on 500 RPM auger speed). The motor features standard cable-operated on-off valve with a top-mounted positioning that protects components and provides excellent ground clearance. Requires just 8-12 gallons per minute and 1,200 PSI

Other features include:

  • Adjustable-width hopper fits virtually any door width
  • Available in 12', 14' and 15' sizes with a choice of cupped steel, brush-tip or plastic flighting
  • The hopper's sump placement provides continuous flow rate, minimizing seed damage
  • Transport bracket with locking pin holds the auger tightly to the side of the wagon during transport
  • Six-cubic-inch hydraulic motor is top-mounted to protect components and provides excellent ground clearance
  • Sump access door with pin for quick and complete cleanout from one material to another
  • Flexible 36" discharge spout delivers seed or grain precisely on-target
  • Auger tube mounted winch gives you extra leverage to easily raise and lower the auger


Killbros 200SeriesAugers