Killbros Farm 260

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  • Choose between 260 and 360 seed unit capacities with dual compartment hopper.
  • Dual viewing windows for easily monitoring contents during loading and unloading.
  • Steep-sloped sidewalls ensure fast and complete unloading
  • Standard 18oz. weatherguard roll-over tarp protects the contents from adverse weather and stays tightly locked, even at highway speeds.
  • Standard side-mounted ladder with flip down lower step for easy viewing into the hopper.
  • Two-part urethane enamel finish and silicone sealed seams for a long-lasting finish.

Operator Ease

  • Standard on/off wired remote with magnetic mount.
  • 18' long steel tube with 4' - 6' telescoping downspout can reach 30'.
  • Hinged bottom door allows for easy and complete cleanout.
  • The conveyor/auger base features rollers that pivot a full 180° and can be locked into place for unloading.
  • Winch-controlled height adjustment for unloading ease.
  • Easy-opening slide doors with rubber funnel regulates seed flow into the conveyor or auger and prevents overflow.
  • Powered by a gas engine with electric start and centrifugal clutch direct-drive system for the quickest response.


  • Cupped and cleated belt with choice of a 12" belt inside of an 8" tube or 8" belt inside of a 6" tube.
  • 8" conveyor gently carries seed at speeds up to 25 bushels per minute.
  • 6" conveyor gently carries seed at speeds up to 12 bushels per minute.
  • Patented brush seal on conveyor inlet prevents seed from back-feeding.

Choice of 6" poly or steel auger flighting that gently carries seed at speeds up to 10 bushels per minute.


  • Heavy-duty undercarriage offers durable steel construction, rubber-cushioned suspension, triple axles and electric brakes on the model 360, tandem dual axles and electric brakes on the model 260.
  • Highway-rated tires, lights, reflectors, 2 5/16" ball hitch and transport chain.
  • Option to mount the seed tender hopper on your own truck or trailer.



Specifications* Model 260
Approx. empty weight (lbs.) 5,100
Tongue weight — loaded (lbs.) 1000
Hitch type 2 5/16" ball
Lighting connector 7-pin flat
A Overall length 24' 5"
B Transport width 8' 6"
C Transport height 9' 11"
D Overall load height 9' 3"
E Tank length 12'
F Tank width 8'
G Tank height 8' 1"
H Undercarriage length 21'
I Deck height 1' 10"
J Tank base length 9' 4"
K Tank base width 5'
Unloading Specifications 
Height — transport 6' 10"
L Max. unload height 12' 6"
M Reach (max. height) 12' 5"
N Min. unload height 6' 10"
O Reach (min. height) 14' 8"
* Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture
of Killbros products, all specifications contained herein are subject
to change without notice.