Meyer Farm HFX2800 Tandem Trailer / High Floation - Suspension Axle - 28 Ton

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  • High Flotation
    The drive behind the NEW HXF2800 was to build a affordable tandem cart with High Flotation Characteristics.   Additional clearance allows Meyer to incorporate larger radial tires to minimize ground compaction and maximize performance in the field!
  • HD Tubular Frame
    Meyer HFX Trailers feature a 4x8" tubular base frame.   This trailer was designed to handle the load from our popular 9130RT BOSS (30') rear unload forage box but could have a variety of applications on your operation.  28 ton capacity!
  • Perfect Balance
    The HFX2800 High Flotation Chassis provides the perfect balance for Maximum Flotation and Control.   You will maintain approximately a 10% load on the tractor draw-bar.   The Chassis frame is engineered to accommodate a direct mount or weigh bar mount system for scale applications.
  • Robust Hitch Assembly
    This massive 6x10 Hitch assembly offers maximum strength for the HFX (1/2" wall!). 
  • Hitch System
    This HD hitch system handles the load.   It is designed with vertical hitch adjustment to match your draw-bar height, comes standard with a strong side crank jack / jack storage and provides plenty of tire clearance for today's high horsepower tractors.
  • Tandem Spring-Suspended Axles Standard
    This wide-profile suspension axles provide stable, smooth transport of your load.   Wide axle widths give Meyer the ability to run zero offset wheels for added strength!
  • Oil Bath Hubs
    All HFX2800 trailers have 10 bolt, oil bath hubs for maximum lubrication and minimum heat build-up!
  • Tire Options
    HFX Tandem Trailers offer factory 710/50x26.5 radial flotation and will accommodate up to an 800/40x26.5 tire.
  • Brake Options
    HFX Suspension Trailers come standard with brakes installed on the axles.   It is however necessary to order a brake actuator package if you would like functioning brakes (hydraulic hand lever or foot pedal systems available).
  • Adjustable, Articulating Implement hitch is standard equipment on HFX models
    This Articulating Implement Hitch is a HD cast design and features a ball swivel to match terrain changes.   It will accommodate a 1.5" or 2" pin and does require a hammer strap tractor draw-bar.
  • Scale Packages
    Scale Packages are available in conjunction with a forage box installation.   The weigh bars would mount between the chassis and the forage box frame in this suspension trailer application.  


Model HFX28-336
Style Tandem w/ suspension
Suspension Leaf Spring
Capacity (Trailer & Load) 56,000#
Tread Width 98" w/710/50x26.5
Axle Configuration Tandem - non steer 25,000# x 2- High Speed
Heavy Duty Hubs 10 Bolt - Oil bath
Max Speed (Depends on Tires) 40 mph
Frame Design 4x8 Tubular
Bed Width 34.5"
Stake Spacing 33.5" Std
Bed Height 53 1/2" w/710/50x26.5
Overall Width w/600/50x22.5 128"
Overall Length 35' 4"
Bed Length 28'
Hitch and Hitch Supports Extra Heavy Duty
Adj. Swivel Clevis Hitch N/A
Articulating Ag. Hitch Standard
Weight- Approx. 8,160# w/710/50x26.5
Tires 710/50 x 26.5 Radials
Brakes Hydraulic Manual Hydraulic Foot Pedal
Saftey Chain Optional