Meyer Farm 9500 Crop Max / SXI Industrial / 7000 V-Force / V-Max

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  • Product Brochures - see pull type versions of desired model: Crop Max, Industrial SXI, V-Force & V-Max
    See pull type version of desired spreader model to view or print product brochure.
  • Double Angle Gearbox Drive Package
    This compact arrangement provides efficient transfer of power from your truck PTO to your Meyer Spreader.  This system powers most Meyer  V-Type Spreaders and the Expeller System on Crop Max Spreaders.
  • Variable Speed Apron Control
    Meyer Crop Max Spreaders come standard with a hydraulic variable speed apron control right at your fingertips!
  • Removable / Interchangeable Spreading Attachments
    All Crop Max models provide easy attachment removal for headland stacking, cleaning or inter-changing with another head.
  • Robust Mounting System provides strength and flexibility!
  • Scale packages available - all Models
  • Truck Mount units provide a efficient alternative to haul longer distances in less time!
  • Hydraulic Lid Package available for 7500 and SXI Series Industrial Models. RH or LH hinge / Port Hole Options too!
  • Crop Max Versatility!
    Crop Max Models can be multi-purposed by adding our 36" Silage Extension package or Grain Kit Option!


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