Pequea 66X

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  • Power is transferred through the pivots by forged, carbo-austempered finger drives that stay engaged when the tedder is folded for transport.
  • Each rotor is supported by 18.5 x 8″ implement Tired and real 4 bolt hubs with tapered bearings.
  • Hydraulic is standard on the 66X, like all Pequea Rotary Tedders, to create tine clearance on the go. A threaded rod on the cylinder allows for finetuned adjustment.
  • The 66X uses high-strength flat bar tine arms to hold six asymmetrical tines on each rotor.


Working Width 24'
Transport Width 11' 2"
Overall Length 9' 8"
Number of Rotors 6
Tine Arms per Rotor 6
Linkage Trailed
Rotor Tire 18.5 x 8 
Weight 2,070 lb
Hydraulic Requirements 1,550 psi
PTO Power Requirement 45 hp
Rotor Gearbox Enclosed Grease
Center Gearbox Oil Bath
Tine Arm Material .5 x 1.5" Flat Bar
Rotor Spindle Wheel Hub 4-Bolt with Tapered Bearings
Hydraulic Remotes Needed 2