Seeding & Fertilizer Attachments

Adding attachments to the Independent Series tools allows producers to combine industry-leading residue management with cost-saving, environmentally-conscious nutrient stewardship.

Adding attachments to equipment from Salford's Independent series empowers producers to combine industry-leading residue management with cost saving, environmentally conscious nutrient stewardship. Salford farmers often equip their Independent Series tillage implements with attachments to apply ammonia and liquid or dry fertilizer. Independent Series models, in turn, work quickly to open the window of opportunity for operating in a wider range of conditions, which allows our farmers greater flexibility to apply fertilizer at the right times. These tools incorporate at a uniform depth and gently firm the soil to ensure product is at the right place.

Salford's shank attachments allow for anhydrous application or deeper banding of liquid and dry fertilizers. The shanks can change wear points to convert from fertilizer applicator to a chisel ripper. The standard bolt pattern of the shank offers a choice between Salford’s quality parts and most other industry-standard wear parts. The lock-up feature of each shank allows greater flexibility in the field, as users may quickly convert this machine to a less aggressive residue management tool or change shank spacing.

Equipped with air distribution kits, Independent series models are exceptional at incorporating seed (such as cover crops, or fertilizer. Salford metering systems are very accurate and designed to handle a wide range of product without changing meters, to deliver the product you choose at the right rate.

Seeding with Independent series attachments germinates best in damp conditions, where these tools excel. Seed is uniformly incorporated and gently packed into firm soil by the rolling harrow package. Earlier starts, longer growing seasons, high yields--these advantages are what the Salford difference is all about.


  • Combine seeding, fertilizing, and residue management on one machine
  • Apply product in using 1 of 4 attachments or combine methods to fit your operation
  • OEM shank kits for NH3 application and/or deeper banding of dry and liquid fertilizer*
  • OEM coil-mounted banding tubes, for applying seed and fertilizer in the trench directly behind the coulter
  • OEM broadcast diffusers to spread product ahead of the I-Series tool and incorporate after-market liquid fertilizing kits for Independent series tools


*Salford does not supply NH3 pumps, lines, or tanks.