4700 Series


The Sunflower 4700 Series In-Line Rippers are built for professional farmers in search of a rugged machine to handle challenging soil and residue conditions. The 4700 Series provides deep tillage for primary tillage needs.
The 4700 Series is built on a solid frame with heavy-duty shanks designed to deeply penetrate heavily compacted soils and when equipped with the optional coulter blades easily slicing through tough crop residue to maximize crop yield potential. 
Versatility? The 4700 series can be customized with minimum disturbance shanks to shatter soil compaction while leaving the surface residue virtually undisturbed or equip the tool with the parabolic shanks to eliminate compaction while inverting the soil stratum. The versatility of the 4700 series is further demonstrated with it’s ability to be transformed into a “Slot-Till” tool when the row sealer and bed buster options are selected.