Sunflower 6630/6631

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Sunflower Saber Blade

This twenty-two inch diameter blade has twenty-five soil lifting flutes and designed with scallops to maintain an effective cutting edge acre after acre. No grinding or rolling necessary to maintain the edge of the Sunflower Saber blade.

Trunnion Mounted Bearings

eliminate wear between the bearings and the housing and ensure positive lubrication. As the C-Flex™ bearing standards move, the gang bearings have to constantly realign. On conventional bearing systems the bearing moves within the housing. This eventually leads to wear between the bearing and the housing... then bearing failure, because grease cannot get into the bearing. With the trunnion bearing there is never any wear between the bearing and the housing and there is always positive lubrication. The trunnion bearing features triple lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing and metal washers that protect the seals from being damaged by stocks or material wrapping around the gang shaft.

C-Flex™ Bearing Standards

Standard equipment on every Sunflower disc, the C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb disc gang shock created by stumps, rocks and normal discing. This extends the bearing, spool and disc blade life. A bonus feature is the C-Flex's™ ability to clear residue better than conventional rigid standards. The C-Flex™ bearing standards also allow for easy maintenance of the gang assembly. Just remove one bolt and loosen another bolt at each C-Flex™ location and the entire gang can be dropped. All C-Flex™ standards remain in place to assure the gang will be in the correct position when replaced. Unlike competitive machines the trash bars are mounted to the back of the C-Flex™ Standards. This allows the trash bars to react with the gang and not come into contact with the spools or blades.

Single Point Depth Control

The single point depth control is conveniently located at the front of the machine for easy access. Large easily read markings indicate the direction
of movement for adjusting.

Front-mounted Gauge Wheels

A trademark on all flexible Sunflower discs is front-mounted gauge wheels. This important feature prevents the front gangs of the wing frame from gouging, buckling or cutting deeper than the other gangs, promoting a level, ridge or furrow free field. The heavy-duty gauge wheels feature a 5-bolt hub and 8.00 x 10 ply tire.

Hydraulic Self-leveling Hitch

Level the disc frame from front to rear with Sunflower's hydraulic self-leveling hitch. This positive adjustment maintains a pre-selected setting regardless of the tillage depth. It features heavy-duty compression springs on each side of the pivot to cushion both front and rear gangs, important when crossing ditches or rough terrain.

Maintenance-Free UHMW

Sunflower 6630s are equipped with maintenance-free lift and wing pivot systems. These systems pivot on UHMW polymer sleeves eliminating greasing in the lift, wing and gauge wheel pivots

High Speed Conditioning Reels

The high speed conditioning reels break up clods and root crowns and thoroughly mix the residue with the soil.
The engagement pressure of the reel is easily adjusted.


Model 6631-21 6631-24 6631-27 6631-29 6631-31 6631-33 6631-36 6631-34 6631-40
Working Width ft. In. (m) 20' 2" (6.1) 22' 7" (6.9) 26' 3" (8.0) 28' 8" (8.7) 30' 0" (9.1) 32' 6" (9.9) 34' 9" (10.6) 32' 7" (9.9) 37' 5" (11.4)
Transport width ft. in. (m) 13' 5" (4.1) 13' 5" (4.1) 13' 5" (4.1) 13' 5" (4.1) 17' 5" (5.3) 17' 5" (5.3) 17' 5" (5.3) 15' 4" (5.54) 17' 8" (5.54)
Transport height ft. in. (m) 10' 10" (3.3) 12' 2" (3.7) 13' 10" (4.2) 15' 0" (4.6) 13' 10" (4.2) 15' 0" (4.6) 16' 1" (4.9) 13' 7" (4.1) 13' 7" (4.1)
Weight lbs. (kg) 14,405 (6,534) 15,683 (7,114) 17,633 (7,998) 18,705 (8,485) 19,885 (9,020) 20,957 (9,506) 21,986 (9,973) 24,749 (11,226) 28,824 (13,075)
HP requirements 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft 9 to 11 hp/ft