4511 / 4530 Disc Chisel

Narrowly Spaced to Get What the Others Leave Behind!

The Sunflower 4511 and 4530 are primary tillage tools built around the performance proven staggered, overlapping front and staggered rear disc gang design. This design, long used in the tandem disc harrows, is field proven to uniformly cut the working width of the tool and leave the field surface smooth and ridge free. They are medium depth tillage tools with working depths up to twelve inches. Rigid Shear Bolt or Auto-Reset Shanks spaced at fifteen inches. The individually mounted front blades are triple compound angled. This patented design is the source of this tool’s aggressive performance in sizing and burying the toughest residue. The chisel shanks are spaced fifteen inches apart and will accommodate a variety of points. The front and rear gangs are hydraulically controlled from the tractor cab and operate independently on parallel linkage.
This is the ultimate in deep tillage tool design.