4600 Series Disc Rippers

24" Shank Spacing Shatters it All.

The new 4600 series disc rippers are equipped with two ranks of large 28” individually mounted disc blades to aggressively size and incorporate heavy crop residue. Auto-reset parabolic shanks that are narrowly spaced (24”) to thoroughly shatter soil compaction. And your choice of finishing attachment that’s designed to produce the field finish you want. This triple combination makes the Sunflower 4600 series disc ripper your best choice.

The 4600 series was designed with crop residue and soil management in mind. The disc blades are mounted in two ranks to provide ample room between the C-flex mountings (15”) to move heavy crop residue through the gangs but produce a narrow overall blade spacing (7.5”) to properly size the material and of course the operator has total “on the go” control of disc gang depth from the cab of tractor. Three ripper point options to select from to match soil conditions equipping the narrowly spaced shanks to ensure complete soil fracturing. And the 4600 is not equipped with a “one type does all” finishing attachment, four distinctly different attachments are offered to match your crop and soil conditions.