Sunflower 7200

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C-Flex™ hangers

Sunflower utilizes C-Flex™ hangers to mount the reel gangs to the frame, eliminating springs or pivot points to grease or wear out. C-Flex™ hangers provide a consistent down pressure on reels while furnishing cushion to the frames.

Chevron Reel Design

Sunflower's exclusive "chevron reel design" pulls 30% easier, eliminates vibration and conditions the soil more uniformly. The chevron designed rods help create the structural strength needed to withstand the toughest soil conditions.

Heavy-Duty Reel Design

Utilizing 1 1/2" solid gang shaft and large greaseable triple lip sealed trunnion bearings ensure a longer reel life and less chance of bending when encountering field obstacles. The large gang shaft resists flexing and stretching during use or while tightening.

Large 17" Diameter Conditioning Reels

For superior "stay clean" ability, the 7200 has heavy-duty large 17" diameter conditioning reels with ten 7/8" chevron rods. The wider spaces between rods ensures less trash accumulation, while producing desirable firming and soil conditioning effects by constantly contacting the soil. Reels overlap for superior coverage.

Hitch is Fully Adjustable

Gang width and length of the pull hitch is fully adjustable to allow the Soil Conditioner to be tailored exactly to the host machine. The hitch can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate attachments and the tillage tool turning radius. Width in most models can be adjusted up to 30 inches to match the cutting width of the host machine.

UHMW Polymer Technology

The use of UHMW polymer technology in high wear and high maintenance areas eliminates metal to metal contact. This results in less wear to the Soil Conditioner, preventing parts replacement and time-consuming maintenance.

Flexing Wings

Sunflower's exclusive design allows each wing to flex down 10-12 degrees


Sunflower 7200 SoilCondtioner specs