Sunflower 5135 Three-Section Field Cultivators

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Single-point depth control, featured on all models, is conveniently located for easy adjustments and offers accuracy up to 1/4 inch. On models 30 feet and larger, the adjustment is located on the mainframe left of the tongue. On smaller units, it’s near the front of the tongue.

Standard equipment on the 5056 series, this easy-to-read gauge helps set the depth of operation of the tool.
Featured on 5056 models only.

Walking tandems are standard on all sections, enabling the machine to follow the ground contour precisely, maintaining a more consistent sweep depth. The tandem beam pivots on a set of greaseable tapered roller bearings for smooth, long-lasting service. 
Featured on all series models.

Sunflower field cultivators are equipped with maintenance-free lift and wing pivot systems that use service-free UHMW polymer bearings.
Featured on all series models.

Screw adjustment on the wheels provides precise wing-frame leveling and is located above and to the front of the frame for optimum operator convenience.
Featured on all series models.

With 25 inches of under-frame clearance, the 5/8-inch-thick, 190 lb. point-load shanks on a five-bar cultivator placement provide optimum trash flow.
Available on all series models.

S-tine 160 lb. point-load shanks are also available if rocks and stones are not present and the heavier spring-tension shanks are not necessary.
Available on all series models.

  • Sunflower's Three-Section Field Cultivators feature heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation 
  • Mechanical linkages hold the split wing rigid during field operations making a true three-section machine but allows for a five section type fold for low transport height
  • Optimum shank placement for unmatched residue clearance 
  • Single-point depth control adjusts working depth of the entire machine 
  • Shanks are available in either Spring Tension or 2-piece "S" tine design and offer up to 190 pounds of point load 
  • Walking tandems with large tires provide the necessary flotation required from a field cultivator 
  • Walking tandems are placed near the outer ends of the wings for optimum depth control to eliminate gouging wings and frame bounce 
  • Self-leveling hitch maintains a level frame from front-to-rear regardless of operating depth 
  • Working widths of 36' - 42' 
  • Heavy-duty gauge wheels are standard equipment 
  • Available with a wide selection of finishing attachments 


ModelWorking width ft (m)Transport width ft (m)Transport height ft (m)Weight lbs (kg)Power requirements
5135-36 36’-6” (11.1) 15’-9” (4.8) 13’-6” (4.1) 10,800 (4,899) 5 to 7 hp/ft
5135-38 38’-6” (11.8) 15’-9” (4.8) 13’-6” (4.1) 11,150 (5,057) 5 to 7 hp/ft
5135-40 40’-6” (12.4) 17’-9” (5.4) 13’-6” (4.1) 11,500 (5,216) 5 to 7 hp/ft
5135-42 42’-6” (13) 17’-9” (5.4) 13’-6” (4.1) 11,950 (5,420) 5 to 7 hp/ft