Worksaver X-152JCBQ

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Single spear bale spear for JCB Q-Fit. Single 55 mm spear with useable length of 52-inches for round bales. Rated at 3,000 lbs. Item # 833580, weight TBA

For Models JCB 525, 530, 532, 536, 540, 550, 5508, 505-19, 505-22, 506-36, 508-40,506-23TC, 508-66TC, 509-23STC, 509-45STC, 510-44STC, 510-55STC, 512-26TC, 526-56AGRI, 527-58AGRI, 535-95AGRI, 536-60AGI, 536-60AGRI Plus, 541-70AGRI Plus, 560-80AGRI Plus & old style 520, 525


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