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(SP Forage Harvesters, SP Mower Conditioners, Large Square Balers, some Round Baler models)

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  • Run-To-Own
    (Contact DLL for more information)
    • Customer rents the equipment for up to 6 months
    • Customer is pre-approved for installment financing at the beginning of the rental period
    • Rental payments are applied as a down payment for the purchase
  • Customized Lease Options
    (Contact TCF Equipment Finance: 209-617-3371)**
    • Dealer/Customer can customize the lease to fit individual cash flow needs.
      Examples of customized options include:
      Make NO lease payment for up to 6 months
      LOWER lease payments during first 12 months of lease term



(Mowers, Tedders, Rakes, some Round Baler models)

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*All financing by DLL Finance LLC is in its sole discretion and subject to credit review and approval and other terms and conditions DLL Finance LLC did not prepare, and is not responsible for, the information contained in these materials.

**Lease product based on equipment type being financed. TCF Equipment Finance lease transactions are subject to credit approval and subject to change without notice.

***Special no/low rate lease offers only available in the United States.

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