Ferris 5901750

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100 lbs. Spyker Hopper
The Rover FS1100 hopper will handle up to 100 lbs. of granular material providing over half an acre of maximum coverage.

100% Stainless Steel Frame
Stainless steel resists corrosion from the granular chemicals distributed by the unit.

Best-in-Class Maneuverability
A low-friction sulky pivots on a 3/4" tapered roller bearing for smooth movement. No mechanical steering assistance is required.

Ergonomic Controls
Simple, well-placed controls with dry pattern and throttle on the right. Spreader gain and gate control are on the left.

Compact Size
The Rover™ FS1100 fits easily through a 36" gate, providing access to residential areas and condominium common areas.


Engine Model GX160-URH2
Fuel Capacity - gal (L) 0.82 (3.1)
Fuel Shut-Off Valve Located on Engine
Speed Low Gear: 3.5 mph (5.6 km.hr) High Gear: 5.0 mph (8.0 km/hr)
Rear Tires 13" x 6.50 - 6
Spreader Hopper Capacity (lbs.) 100
Overall Width - in. (cm) 35.5" (90)
Dry Weight - lbs (kg) 320
Charging System N/A
Safety Interlock This machine is equipped with a neutral safety start module. To start the engine, the transmission must be in the neutral (N) position.
RPM Full Speed: 3750 RPM (no load) Idle: 1400 RPM
Fuel Type Regular unleaded gasoline, 87 octane or higher
Transmission Model Peerless 855 Series - coated for corrosion resistance
Front Tires 18" x 9.5 - 8, RV antifreeze added for ballast and traction
Spreader Model Spyker 120 Series
Overall Length - in. (cm) 53.0" (137)
Overall Height - in. (cm) 49.0" (124)
Full Weight - lbs (kg) 440 (200)
Charging Capacity N/A