Kuhn 1230

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Dependable Construction for Long Life

The all-steel welded construction provides a solid framework and includes a reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the full-width axle. This results in a stronger, more dependable spreader since the unit is pulled from the axle rather than the front of the box.

Friction-Resistant Poly Floor

The one-piece poly floor provides more strength and durability than individual tongue and groove boards. It reduces friction resulting in lower horsepower requirements than alternative types of floors. The 1219 is equipped with a polylaminate floor.

Low Overall Height

The EasySpread box spreaders are designed with a low overall height for easy loading capability under barn cleaners and for use with a small skid loader.


Horizontal Beaters

The EasySpread® 1200 Series feature horizontal beaters. Horizontal beaters are most effectively used in spreading applications with dry, coarse materials such as pen pack or yard scrapings. They work well in situations where fast unloading and high application rates are desired. Rooster comb paddles are easily removable or replaceable, and provide enhanced spreading performance.

Multi-Speed Apron Gearbox

The multi-speed apron gearbox provides low, high and cleanout speeds for flexibility based on material type and application rate.


Low-Maintenance Design Features

Mechanical V-Belt Drive

The V-belt drive design is simple and easy to maintain. The pulleys and belts are accessible for routine maintenance through the hinged front door.

T-Bar or T-Rod Chain and Slat Apron

Single apron slats provide simple, low-cost dependability. The T-Bar and T-Rod chains are durable and easier to service compared to a pintle chain.


Struck Level 155 ft³ (4.4 m³)
Heaped 290 ft³ (8.2 m³)
Maximum Net Load 13,275 lbs (6,021 kg)
Overall Length 270" (686 cm)
Inside Box Length 192" (488 cm)
Inside Box Depth 24" (61 cm)
Inside Box Width 60" (152 cm)
Overall Tread Width 100" sa / 97" ta (254 cm sa / 246 cm ta)
Overall Height - Top of Beaters 71" sa / 66" ta (180 cm sa / 168 cm ta)
Overall Height - Top of Splash Guard 59" sa / 54" ta (150 cm sa / 137 cm ta)
Loading Height 52" sa / 47" ta (132 cm sa / 119 cm ta)
Ground Clearance 15" sa / 11" ta (38 cm sa / 28 cm ta)
Unit Weight 3,300 lbs sa/3,575 lbs ta (1,749 kg sa/ 1,622 kg ta)
Minimum PTO Power Requirement 75 hp (56 kW)
Standard Number 1
Number of Paddles or Teeth 10
Beater Diameter 26" (66 cm)
Upper Beater Diameter Optional 14" (36 cm)
Drive Belt Type C
PTO Drive Speed 540 rpm
Number of Aprons 1
Shaft Diameter 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Sprockets 6-tooth
Chain T-bar or T-rod
Slat Size 1.0" x 2.0" (2.5 cm x 5 cm)
Slats per Apron 16
Speed Selection Slow / Fast / Clean Out
Chain Drive 80
Front Panel and Sides 12 GA
Floor 1/2" (1.3 cm) High-Density Polyethylene
Trailer Axle Single or tandem
Spindle Diameter 2.5" sa / 2.5" ta (6.4 cm sa/6.4 cm ta)
Hubs 8-bolt