Land Pride Videos

  • Land Pride SSP25 Snow Pushers

    Land Pride Snow Pushers are designed to push snow straight ahead without leaving windrows or damaging the pavement below. The SSP mounts using the universal Quick-Attach plate and feature an 8” rubber wear edge. The rubber edge means Land Pride Snow Pushers eliminate damage to the pavement or lot striping on most surfaces while removing slush and snow.

    Duration: 0:32

  • Land Pride DB26 Ditch Bank Cutter

    Land Pride's DB2660 Ditch Bank Rotary Cutter boasts a number of features that will make mowing ditch banks, pond dams, or other hard to reach inclines, fast, easy and efficient.

    Duration: 0:58

  • Land Pride SGC05 Series Grapple

    Move brush, clean stalls, lift debris, and so much more with Land Pride's all new SGC0548 Claw Grapple. The SGC0548 will make chores a breeze. Easily grasp, lift, and move a variety of materials making property maintenance easier and less time consuming.

    Duration: 2:36

  • Great Plains Corporate Video

    A brief overview of Great Plains Manufacturing. This video highlights the importance of its dedicated employees to the companies' success. It also out lines the organizational structure and includes a short history of the company. http://www.greatplainsmfg.com

    Duration: 5:19

  • Land Pride 606NT No-Till Drill Leveling Instructions

    Land Pride's 606NT is a 6' Pull-type No-Till Compact Drill and features an end-wheel design that reduces side-loading on openers when operated on contours and curves, eliminating premature opener wear. This time-proven design allows the 606NT to stay on side hills and maintain accuracy going over hills and through valleys. With the optional native grass and small seeds box, this unit is quite capable in pasture renovations and food plot seeding. Other features like heavy-duty coulters, calibration crank, central grease bank, lock-out hubs for transport, and optional weight brackets create a system designed for long-term dependability and productivity in a broad range of seeding applications.

    Duration: 8:53

  • Land Pride FDR3690 Grooming Mower

    With a cutting width of 90", the FDR3690 has the muscle to quickly and professionally groom ball fields, estates, or other lush turf lawns. The unit is designed for long-lasting service with a 3/16" deck, four 13" semi-solid tires, a Double-V Powerband belt, and an optional front-roller. The drive line is a Category 4 with quick-coupler. The hitch is a floating 3-point Category 1 and is quick-hitch compatible. The tapered deck allow users to get close to trees or other obstacles and the medium lift blades produce a finely groomed lawn every time.

    Duration: 0:55