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Anderson Group M-140

Anderson Group M-140 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Anderson Group M-140 for sale at White's Farm Supply

Log Loaders M-140

The M-140 is designed to exceed the expectations of today’s customer. It’s engineered to be reliable every day – and durable over the long haul. The power of its 14′ boom offers an ease for lifting logs when fully extended and also close to the trailer. For professional logging contractors or seasonal loggers, this mod... + Read More



  • Hydraulic winch 1 speed (6500 lbs.) with steel cable 150' × 3/8" diameter (45.7 m × 9 mm)
  • Circuit control with joysticks
  • 360 degree rotation grapple
  • Articulated draw bar for improved maneuverability in tight areas
  • 13 HP Honda power unit



Maximum arm extension 14' (4.2 m)
Swing angle 360°
Grapple rotation: Continuous
Maximum grapple opening 48" (121.9 cm)
Closed grapple diameter 4" (10.2 cm)
Total weight of loader with trailer 2784 lb (1263 kg)
2-speed boom-mounted hydraulic winch Serie #750 Optional 6500 lb (2948 kg) load capacity
Steel cable 150' (45.7 m); 3/8" (0.9 cm) diameter
Winch speed Serie #750 Speed: 82'/min
Hydraulic dumping box N/A
Bucket N/A
5.5 HP power unit N/A
13 HP power unit Optional
Hydraulic articulated drawbar STD
Telescopic Front Stabilizer Optional
Lifting capacity, full boom extension 1300 lb (589 kg)
Total load capacity RF-512: 20,000 lb (9072 kg)
Tires 12.5L15 (10 PLY)