Anderson Group NWS720

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  1. Remote control for starting, and stopping the unit remotely without leaving the tractor.
  2. Work lights.
  3. Large fuel tank (25 L, 6.6 GAL.) Wrap 5 times more bales than with regular tank with less down time.
  4. Film watch sensor automatically shuts down the wrapping cycle when the machine runs out of fi lm or fi lm breaks.
  5. Bale guide rollers keep each bale centered on the roller bed when wrapping on a slope.
  6. V-Shaped roller bed for round bales.
  7. Hydraulic jack leveling system prevents the fi rst bales from tumbling down and keeps them together for an easy row start.
  8. New larger hoop to wrap 6’ bales.
  9. The Honda engine offers high power, exceptional adaptability, quiet operation and fuel effi ciency.


Aluminum film stretcher 2 x 30 in (750 mm) nor 4 x 30 in (optional)
Engine 13 HP Hondan(20 HP optional)
Final bale push off Manual
Bed shape V-shaped for round bales
Bale guides for alignment Adjustable
Bale guides rollers 2
Leveling system Hydraulic lifting axle
Road lights Standard
Hoop speed Adj. flow control valve
Traction Tires 29 x 12,5-15
Rear tires 11L-15
Hydraulic tail gate Standard
Auto-locking wheels Standard
Adjustable hydraulic compaction system Standard
Smart start Standard