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Art's Way X900 Manure Spreader

Art's Way X900 Manure Spreader for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Art's Way X900 Manure Spreader for sale at White's Farm Supply

X Series Manure Spreaders X900 Manure Spreader

• 20 ft. box
• Holds 909 cubic ft.



The 900 cubic feet manure spreader is made for the big haulers. Those that are doing their own hauling and are taking too many trips out of the lot, need this one. With a box length of 31 feet, easily maneuver in and out of gates. Operate your floor chain speed and gate height to achieve the amount per acre for best nutrient management.

Wheel hubs are the center for the durability of our boxes. Rated at 16,000 pounds per hub, the X900 can carry 54,000 pounds of manure. The box has a heaped capacity of 909 cubic feet.

The X900 Manure Spreader comes standard with a tandem axle. Choose Used Military tires or upgrade to a 600 series flotation tire option to minimize field compaction.

This size of spreader requires a 180-200 hp tractor. In this range, you can choose either a “small” 1-3/8 1000 RPM PTO or a “large” 1-3/4″ 1000 RPM PTO to make best use of your equipment.

The beaters are a model SRT18 angled underneath the floor to give maximum sizing and spread width.

Our 88C chain boasts a limited lifetime warranty so you know you are always covered while in use. Our unique reversible chain feature gives you the opportunity to move the load away from the beaters to remove any foreign objects. Robust all tube steel slats provide additional durability while moving more and more manure.

Densilite floors have minimal thermal expansion and contraction for less cracking and buckling with temperature changes. Better yet, it creates a slick surface for enhanced material flow. 2 inch uprights on 2 foot centers provide a strong structure for hauling.

Easy filling with low loading heights of 94 inches on our X900 with used military tires. The flared sides allow you to easily load material from the side over the wheel to decrease material loss and load time.

Bright LED lights, a strong safety chain and convenient heavy-duty jack make you more visible and secure on the road. Move manure wisely.

A heavy-duty rock guard is mounted on the front for maximum protection. Because safety is a front and back proposition.

Slip resistant and color-coded hydraulic grips make hooking up a breeze. A bolt tensioning system allows for in-the-field chain adjustment. Grease points maintain smooth machine operation and can be easily accessed.

Need precise application and records? More states are requiring operators to carry records for 7 years on where and how much manure they applied to their fields. This is a breeze with the optional Raven Rate Control system. Enter in the amount you want to spread per acre, set your end gate and away you go. It monitors PTO, floor chain speed, and senses the gate height to keep your spread consistent across the field. The system uses our optional integrated weighbars in the axles and hitch to monitor load weight while spreading.


Load Height Standard Tire 94 in.
Load Height Float Tire 91 in.
Flare Yes
Flare Type Permanent
Flare Angle 45°
Flare Height 8 in.
Box Inner Width 78 in.
Box Inner Length ~20 ft.
Box Inner Height 47-5/8 in.
Box Side Material 10 Gauge
Box Floor Material 3/4 in. Densilite
Box Weight (lbs.) ~4,100 lbs.
Overall Width 141 in. / 153 in.
Overall Length 373 in.
Overall Height 118 in./120 in.
Adj. Shipping Width 101 in.
Adj. Shipping Length 378 in.
Adj. Shipping Height <104.5 in.
Overall Empty Weight (lbs.) 16,800 lbs.
Overall Struck Weight (lbs.) 52,250 lbs.
Overall Heaped Weight (lbs.) 69,290 lbs.
Struck Manure Weight (lbs.) 37,500 lbs.
Heaped Manure Weight (lbs.) 54,540 lbs.
Struck Capacity (cu. ft.) 625 cu. ft.
Heaped Capacity (cu. ft.) 909 cu ft.
Apron Chain Link Style 88C
Apron Chain Slat Style Tube
Variable Apron Speed Standard
Reversible Apron Chain Standard
Beater Style Vertical SRT18
Beater Flighting Thickness 15 mm.
Beater Make Berma
Beater Speed 420 RPM
Gearbox Style Dual
Gearbox Make Berma
End Gate Guillotine
Shear Protection Over Running Clutch/Friction Clutch
Spread Pattern Width 35 ft.
Tongue Weight (Empty) ~625 lbs. (8% TW)
Tongue Weight (Heaped) ~12,975 lbs. (21% TW)
Weight on Tires 14,079 lbs.
Scales Digistar Opt., Raven Opt.
Hitch Pintle w/ Clevis
Horsepower Requirement 200 hp
PTO 1000 RPM @ 160 hp
Axle Configuration Tandem
Tires (Standard) Used Military Set of 4
Tires (Optional #1) 600/50R22.5 Flotation Set of 4 - Goodyear
Tires (Optional #2) 600/50R22.5 Flotation Set of 4 - BKT