4610-16 Agricultural Seeder

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New to the seeder line-up is the 4610-16 Agricultural Seeder, which takes the popular Sure Stand Seeder concept to the next level. The 16’ seeding width and 20-bushel capacity front seed box allow the operator to spend more time seeding and less time stopping to fill the seed boxes, maximizing efficiency.

The seeder is equipped with the proven Micro-Meter seed metering system and can seed a variety of seeds at the correct depth to ensure optimal germination. The 16’ Seeder features pneumatic down pressure on the rear roller for better seed coverage and squeezing out more air pockets in the seedbed. The heavy-duty frame to support the larger seed boxes delivers more weight per foot on the rollers. Any soil clods are easily crushed, further fine-tuning the seedbed for excellent germination rates.

The 4610-16 is also offered with a rear seed box option for seeding larger sized seeds. This seed box features the blade agitator as standard equipment; a cage agitator and brush agitator kits are available as optional equipment.