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Bush Hog DHM8

Bush Hog DHM8 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Bush Hog DHM8 for sale at White's Farm Supply

Disc Hay Mowers DHM8

Bush Hog’s latest edition of Hay Mowers includes 4 models with mowing widths ranging from 7 to 10 feet to meet the hay production requirements of today’s farmers and ranchers.



Performance Features

  • DHM mowers have been performance tested and proven to reduce plugging and wrapping in both light and heavy hay crops.
  • Each cutter bar has been designed with added stiffness to provide exceptional strength in all working conditions.
  • Oval discs allow for superior flow of material over the cutter bar and a better distribution of your hay crop.
  • Robust, double-sided steel knives are perfectly timed to overlap at just the right distance to provide a smooth, clean, clog-free cut.


Construction Features

  • The gear-driven cutter bar houses oiled and sealed bearings to reduce contamination and provide ease of maintenance.
  • A hydraulic mower bar cylinder effortlessly lifts the unit for end of field turns and transport (DHM8, DHM9, DHM10).
  • Ground pressure of the cutter bar can be easily adjusted for a variety of ground conditions (DHM8, DHM9, DHM10).
  • Crop dividers come standard to provide clear distinction between cut and standing hay.


Safety Features

  • Mowers feature a mechanical breakaway to protect units from damage when striking an unexpected obstacle.


Model DHM8
Working Width 8'
Number of Oval Discs 6
Blades Per Disc 2
Driveline Size Cat 4
Minimum PTO HP 46
Hitch Cat 2
PTO Speed 540
Safety Curtain Standard
Machine Weight (lbs) 1,235