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Farm King 1030 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Farm King 1030 for sale at White's Farm Supply

10.5' Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter 1030

The 10.5' however has a wing only on one side instead of on both. It has an exceptionally robust gearbox rated at 250HP for the splitter and 190HP on the wing which is at the extreme duty level for spec comparisons. It boasts industry leading blade overlap and blade tip speeds. It is rated at 4" for diameter cutting ca... + Read More



The heavy duty gearboxes ensure that the machine is robust enough to handle the loads required without burning out the gearbox assemblies. A five year warranty provides further peace of mind in this regard.

Independent wheel suspension improves the cut as well as enables the deck to float with contours of the land. Combining this with the flex wing floating nature allows Farm King to offer a machine that can handle a huge variety of field and ditch conditions.

A high blade tip speed gives better, more consistent cuts and enables it to achieve the 4" diameter rating. The faster the blade is moving the more cleanly it will cut.

This enables material and moisture to fall off and keeps the top deck clean improving longevity of the cutter deck. Other cutters have collection points of debris that will contribute to rusting.


Model 1030
Transport Width 82"
Transport Height 93"
Overall Length 230"
Cutting Height 2-15"
Blade 0.5 x 4, Uplift
Hitch Double swivel clevis hitch
Weight 5200 lb