Edge Flex Technology

HLA EdgeFlex1

Ride the Edge

The EdgeFlex takes a ground up approach to clearing snow. The segmented cutting edge provides the necessary adaptability to maintain consistent contact over uneven surfaces, common with aging infrastructure.

With maximum contact the mouldboard transfers its weight evenly across the cutting edge. The even distribution of force protects the surface from the potential damage of conventional blades when they scrape over high spots.

Each individual section moves independently to provide quick response to the changing surface. This remarkably simplified design is comprised of only two moving parts, an AR400 cutting edge and rubber suspension block.

Service & Maintenance

Designed for easy field service, each section of cutting edge uses 2B2N maintenance. This simple 2 Bolt - 2 Nut design makes maintaining each 12" section an easy one-person job. Removing the hardware, which holds the retaining plate in place, allows for easy access to the individual components for that section.


  • 1.5" Vertical Travel
  • 5 Degrees Tilt
  • Rubber Block Suspension
  • Cutting Edge
  • Bushings


Series Type Widths
3000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 6'-10'
4000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 9'-14'
5000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 9'-16'
6000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 10'-20'
3500 Snow Pusher 7'-12'
3530W Snow Pusher with Wings 6'-10'
4500 Snow Pusher 10'-14'
5500 Snow Pusher 9'-16'
5505 Snow Pusher 10'-18'
6500 Snow Pusher 10'-20'
3230W SnowWing with 2.5 foot wings 6'-10'
4203W SnowWing with 3 foot wings 8'-14'
4205W SnowWing with 5 foot wings 8'-14'
5203W SnowWing with 3 foot wings 9'-16'
5205W SnowWing with 5 foot wings 9'-16'
6205W SnowWing with 5 foot wings 10'-20'