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Pequea MCR10 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Pequea MCR10 for sale at White's Farm Supply

Wheel Rakes MCR10

The MCR — or Mid Cap Rake — is Pequea’s carted wheel rake. It offers 8, 10 and 12 wheel configurations and a working width up to 23′ and has a modular design that’s adaptable to a variety of applications.



Pequea’s MCR or Mid Capacity Rake is a highly adaptable carted style wheel rake capable of raking in almost any conditions or terrain. Individual wheel suspension and windrow width adjustments are standard. For more precision, single sided raking, kicker wheel, and hydraulic wheel beam adjustments can be added as an option. The modular design of the MCR makes it easy to go from an 8 to a 10 or 12 wheel rake. If you want versatility and efficiency from the seat of your tractor, the MCR is for you.

  • The MCR’s single sided raking option brings versatility to raking. Turn manual valves or order the electric option and lift one arm up at a time without leaving the tractor.
  • Easily adjust spring tension for each wheel by simply removing a cotter pin– no tools necessary.
  • The MCR’s bolt-on extensions allow customers to upgrade from an 8 to a 10 or 12 wheel rake.
  • Change the windrow width on the go with the MCR’s hydraulic beam option. These cylinders mount on the wheel beam and allow for total raking control.
  • All hydraulic lines go into a single manifold. Upgrades are easily installed on the MCR. The MCR also folds evenly on hillsides.
  • The MCR’s hydraulic full size 55” kicker wheel prevents moisture from becoming trapped in hay at the center of the windrow


Model MCR10
Number of Wheels 10
Wheel Diameter 55"
Tines per Wheel 40
Tine Diameter .283" (7.19mm)
Rake Wheel Suspension Individual Compression Spring (1 per arm)
Rake Wheel Arms Independent Arms with Greasable Bushings
Overall Length 23'
Transport Height 8'10"
Transport Width 9'6"
Wheel Tread Width 7"
Tines 205/75 D15
Working Width 19′ – 21′
Windrow Width 3′ – 5′
Pressure Requirements 1200 psi – 1400 psi