Salford SwitchBlade Shank attachments allow for anhydrous application or deeper banding of liquid and dry fertilizers. The shanks can change wear points to convert from fertilizer applicator to a chisel ripper. The shank‘s standard bolt pattern allows you to choose between Salford’s quality parts and most other industry-standard wear parts.

Hydraulically controlled SwitchBlade shanks can be raised and lowered into operating position from the tractor seat, and the active down pressure can be set from 300 to 1,300 pounds trip pressure, allowing you to lower the trip pressure for obstacle protection. The spring shanks can be set for up to 500 pounds trip pressure, and a shank lock-up feature allows you to convert this machine into a less aggressive residue management tool or change shank spacing.

Standard Features


SwitchBlade Hydraulic Shanks

  • Raise and lower into operating position from the tractor seat
  • Up to 1,300 pounds trip pressure
  • Active down pressure for obstacle protection
  • Operate from 4" - 8" deep
  • Standard wear part pattern to accept Salford parts, or other brands
  • Attach fertilizer knives, or add adapter for chisel points