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Shaver HD-12 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Shaver HD-12 for sale at White's Farm Supply

Standard Post Drivers HD-12

Farmers and fencing contractors who build fences for a living will tell you that you can't find a better post driver than a Shaver. Our professional-grade post drivers are engineered for the most demanding jobs, from tough soil conditions to tricky side hills. Plus they have the ability to drive a wide variety of post ... + Read More




With models delivering up to 100,000 pounds of impact, Shaver standard post drivers can drive everything from steel posts to wood posts to even railroad ties into the ground.


Shaver standard post drivers make driving posts simple. Just attach the driver and go. No digging, no pointing, no tamping and no setting. 


Shaver post drivers make quick work out of fence building chores, allowing you to drive a four- or five-inch post in as little as 10 to 15 seconds. 


You can be sure that your post driver will pay for your investment in it long before it's done working for you. 


Shaver Manufacturing is committed to safety. That's why every Shaver post driver we build is engineered with your safety in mind:

  • Offset controls let the operator stand safely to the side of the driver.
  • Rubber guard shields the operator from impact and any flying debris. 
  • Safety arm securely positions posts in the driving ram.
  • Standard stabilizer package provides greater stability during operation.



The optional Shaver Pilot Auger Attachment makes post driving in the toughest soil conditions even easier. The unit's powerful four-inch auger opens a pilot hole before driving the post. This new option reduces wear on the driver and significantly increases productivity by allowing the operator to drive posts more quickly. The unit is especially useful in tough, compacted soil conditions or when driving larger diameter posts (like railroad ties) and is available for both the HD-10 and HD-12 units.


The optional "Positioner" lets you position the driver with pinpoint accuracy. A hydraulic swivel rotates the driver up to 155 degrees and extends 24 inches past the tire, making it much easier to position posts without the need to move the tractor. The unit is available for all Shaver drivers.


Self-contained unit with its own hydraulic system eliminates dirt and foreign material in the operator's skid steer loader's hydraulic system.


Reduce setup time with Shaver's Quick-Tach system. With the Quick-Tach bracket, you can hook up to any skid steer loader in no time.


Model HD-12
Impact at Full Stroke 100,000 lbs.
Effective Weight of Spring-Powered Hammer 1,100 lbs.
Operating Distance Above Ground 53"-128"
Max. Post Width 10 7/8"
Max. Post Length 10'
No. of Block Studs 6
No. of Nyrim Blocks 6
Tilt Front-back/side-side
With Manual Base Plate N/A
With Hydraulic Base Plate 20 degrees/25 degrees
Four-Inch Pilot Auger Attachment Optional
Category I, II or III Assembly Cat. II & III
Mounting Rear or skid loader
Hydraulic Requirements 15 GPM/2,000 PSI
Approx. Shipping Weight with Hydraulic Base Plate 957 lbs.
With Manual Base Plate N/A
The Positioners SB-22
Collapsed Width 92"
Extended Width 116"
Height 37 1/2"
Weight 861 lbs.
Swivel 0-155 degrees