Shaver UTD G3-12

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Drive a four- to five-inch-diameter post in 10-15 seconds, and save time by carrying up to 15 five-inch posts on the transport caddy.


  • Hitch the UTD to your pickup, SUV or any tow vehicle. No PTOs or tractor/skid-steer hydraulics needed. 
  • Drive posts up to12-feet long and 10 inches in diameter with inclusion of the pilot auger.
  • Tongue adjusts up to 24 inches.
  • Optional pilot auger.


Extend the driver unit's wheel and tilt the driver forward-to-back and side-to-side for accurate post placement in any conditions.


Self-contained, 13 CC Honda electric-start engine drives even railroad ties into the ground with ease.


  • Offset joystick lever controls allow the operator to safely stand to the side of the driver unit.
  • A thick rubber safety guard shields the operator arm from debris caused by impact.
  • A standard safety arm securely positions the post in the driving ram.


Model UTD G3-12
Post Diameter Max. 10 7/8"
Post Length Max. 12'
Impact Force 100,000 lbs.
Driver Extension Beyond Tires 24"
Tires 15"; 8 ply
Weight 2,496 lbs.
Trailer Width 6' 8"
Trailer Length 11' 7"
The specifications for Universal Transport Post Driver (UTD) are subject to change without notice.