Transfer Auger

Transfer Auger
Designed for simplicity of operation and maintenance, Westfield Transfer Augers are balanced for easy moving and have multiple capacities to match your needs.

Available in 8" and 10" diameters with option of gas, electric or hydraulic drive, these low profile transfers are just 10 ¾" high and are light and maneuverable. Our hopper fits nicely under hopper bottom bins and trailers for fast and easy unloading.

Key Features:

Electric drive
Available electric drive features a heavy-duty motor mount with enclosed belt guard, belts and pulley

Hydraulic drive
Available hydraulic drive shipped complete with hydraulic control valve. 8" single drive hydraulic transfer requires 10 GPM at 650 PSI 10", Double Drive hydraulic transfer requires 10 GPM at 1000 PSI

Gas drive
Available gas drive features heavy-duty engine mount with adjustable belt tension for engaging and disengaging auger while motor is running. Shipped complete with enclosed belt guard, reduction gearbox, belts and pulley*. Motor Requirements – 8": 5.5HP | 10": 7.5 HP


Electric HP requirements – 8": 3 HP | 10": 5 HP.

All transfers are shipped complete with undercarriage.

*Motor and motor pulley not included