UTX U-Trough Auger

Westfield’s newest U-Trough Auger, the UTX was built to out-perform. Delivering up to 9,000 bushels per hour, the UTX features triple banded belts to reduce slippage, a self-leveling motor maintaining proper tension at all heights, and a heavy-duty self-propelled mover kit with joystick hydraulic steering to make setting up and moving around the yard as fast and easy as possible.

• Wear Edge Technology™ extends the life of the flighting
• Durable Powder Coat Paint protects the auger finish and repels rust
• Removeable Tow Bar easily connects and detaches from the hitch
• Solid Tube Guard completely encloses the driveline
• Square One-Bolt Flight Connections provide improved performance through positive torque transfer for smooth operation
• Hydraulic Winch helps raise and lower the auger with ease and precision
• Triple Banded Belts maintain speed by providing better tension with less slippage
• Sealed, grease-lubricated Top Drive comes with forged steel sprockets and heavy-duty chain, both protected by durable cover
and designed to match the auger capacity
• Top Drive Chain Tensioner provides better adjustment capabilities and consistent chain drive tension
• Driveshaft and Bearings are constructed of durable oil impregnated hardwood for long, quiet operation and can be easily
replaced without disassembling the driveshaft
• Hose Routing provides a cleaner, sleeker look, while protecting the hoses from the elements