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Krone Swadro 46

Krone Swadro 46 for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Krone Swadro 46 for sale at White's Farm Supply

Single Rotor Rakes Swadro 46

The single-rotor Swadro models of 3.50 m to
4.60 m work widths (11'6" to 15'1") for three-point attachment feature unique strength
and engineering. Many of their well-proven features have been taken over from the
high-capacity rakes. The wide bogie with a
castering tandem axle and the optional leading gauge wheel p... + Read More



  • Standard tandem axle and flotation tires
  • Stepless work height control for a consistently high-quality forage
  • The leading gauge wheel controls the rotor for smooth action in undulating terrain


The tires - Fitted with Super Balloon 16/6.50-8-ply tires, these Swadro single-rotor rakes simply got the right boots. These tires offer superior rides and light treading for best protection of the sward.

The tandem axle - The Swadro single-rotor rakes have a tandem axle as standard specification with wheels running closely alongside the tines – a set-up that ensures perfect contouring and cleanest rakes in undulating terrain.

The lateral tilt - No grass blade is left behind – not even in heavy material. The tilt is adjusted from a pin/hole setting system on either side of the rotor.

The leading gauge wheel - The height-adjustable and caster-steered gauge wheel is an optional extra which brings better ground hugging in undulating terrain.

Attachment for the top link  -  A selection of holes for the top link ensures optimum rotor control in all conditions. The attachment via the top link in the elongated hole allows the use of a leading gauge wheel.

The height control system - The rotor depth is controlled steplessly from a crank that is operated from the tractor seat – a quick and easy system that warrants clean and loss-free rakes.

The transport position - As the machine is raised into transport position, the damping rods retract automatically, aligning the machine centrally behind the tractor.

The tracking system - The patented tracking system steers the KRONE rakes through the tightest turns. Combining a swing arm with damping rods leads to a steering angle of about 20° which in turn translates into excellent maneuverability and an enormous lift-out height.

The damping rods - The damping rods ensure the machine tracks dependably behind the tractor when travelling at speed and working downhill.

The crop deflector - Adjusting the crop deflector is as easy as it can get. Simply telescope the unit in and out as necessary to adjust it to the current conditions and header widths of the following harvester

Raking along curved lines - No crop is lost, even when working in curved lines. The 20° steering angle is useful in small and awkward fields where it enables operators to gather all the material even in tight curves and form a perfect swath.

Raising the deflector curtain - A massive coil spring supports the crop deflector as this is being raised into transport position. At the same time, the transport locking system of the rotor is lowered. This applies to machines that are specified with folding tine arms.

The folding tine arms - Folding the outer tine arms into transport position is a quick and straightforward job – just a small effort.


Model Swadro 46
Work Width 4.60 m (15'1")
Swath Width

approx. 0.80 -1.80 m  

(2'8" - 5'11")

Transport Width (tines folded down)

2.55 m (8'4") 

Storage Length 3.99 m (13'1")
Storage Height 2.64 m (8'8")
Area Output

approx. 4.5 - 5 ha/h

(11.1 - 12.4 acres/h)

Rotor Diameter 3.60 m (11'10")
No. of Tine Arms 13
No. of Rigid Arms 7
No. of Foldable Arms 6
No. of Double Lift Tines per Tine Arm 4
Tine Thickness 10 mm
Tires on Rotor Wheels 16x6.50-8
Tractor Power min. 37/50 kW/hp
Weight approx. 665 kg (1466 lbs)
Three-Point Mounted Standard

All specifications, weights and dimensions do not necessarily comply with standard specifications and are therefore not binding. All product specifications are subject to change.