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Kuhn 4142 Truck for sale at White's Farm Supply

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Kuhn 4142 Truck for sale at White's Farm Supply

4100 Series 4142 Truck

KUHN Knight 4100 Series 4-auger mixers are designed for small- to mid-sized cattle operations with features to provide reliable, efficient and affordable mixing. Whether you’re feeding a higher roughage dairy ration or a feedlot ration with higher levels of grain and byproducts, you can tailor your machine with feature... + Read More




A Quality Ration and Complete Cleanout
The raised lower right auger configuration, along with the close tolerance between the auger flighting and the auger troughs, results in a fast and complete cleanout. The offset upper right auger in combination with the raised lower auger requires less horsepower and provides a faster mix time.

Mix Full or Partial Loads Due to the cross-mixing action of horizontal auger mixers, Botec TMR mixers can properly mix batches that fill only a portion of the mixing tub providing you with the versatility to mix any size ration.

Even, Consistent Discharge
The close auger tolerances and raised lower auger design provide a fast, consistent discharge from beginning to the end of unloading. This results in even feed placement across the entire length of the bunk without a delay for mixer cleanout.

Splined Auger Shafts
Splined auger shafts allow a strong, reliable torque transfer and provide easier sprocket alignment and maintenance.

Competitive Mixers
Having parallel lower augers creates more force between the augers without increasing mixing capability. Parallel augers also do not transition the feed from right to left as well as if the right auger was raised. This design leads to slow, incomplete cleanout, decreases the mixer's processing ability and increases the horsepower requirements.



Heavy-Duty Rear Drive
The reliable heavy-duty roller chain drive runs in oil and has spring-tensioned poly idlers for long life.

Nylon Auger Bearings
Reliable, externally mounted nylon bearings provide simple maintenance with reduced sensitivity to contamination.

Discharge Door & Linkage
Large door openings allow for better ration flow and faster feed delivery. The discharge door frame is more rigid and less complex for dependable day-in and day-out operation.

4-Point Weigh Bar System
Four-point weigh bar system comes standard as a cost effective and simple weighting system, yet still maintains 99.5% accuracy.



Multiple Discharge Options
To best suit your feeding needs, you can choose from a slide tray, chain and slat conveyor or a 3-auger discharge to be equipped on your 4100 Series mixer.

Slide Tray
The side discharge slide tray has simple hydraulic controls and helps guide feed further away from the tire path. Magnets are standard on slide tray.

Chain and Slat Conveyor
Rugged chain and slat conveyor options provide the ultimate in durability and long life. Heavy-duty components ensure reliable service and multiple conveyor length options offer unmatched flexibility to match different feeding situations.

3-Auger Discharge
The 3-auger discharge allows adjustment for feeding into higher bunks. It has a simple, hydraulic drive that provides smooth, even discharge. Long lasting, poly chute liners help prevent rust and limit wear. The 3-auger discharge comes standard with fixed tip-off and built-in magnets.

Trailer & Truck Models
To suit your operation’s needs, KUHN 4100 Series mixers are available in a trailer or truck-mounted configuration. Trailer models are the most popular configuration as they are the most economical and versatile. Being detachable allows the tractor to be used elsewhere on the farm when not in use for feeding. Truck-mounted models are a suitable option for those that have to feed cows at several different locations, with large travel distances. This option allows a feeder to quickly get from the mixing location to the feed bunk and back again.


Model 4142 Truck
Capacity 420 ft³ (11.9 m³)
Capacity with Extensions 460 ft³ (13 m³)
Maximum Net load 12,600 lbs (5,715 kg)
Overall Height 116'' (295 cm)
Overall Length 195'' (495 cm)
Mixing Chamber Length 168'' (427 cm)
Overall Width - Mixer Only (No Discharge) 90'' (229 cm)
Tread Width 96'' (244 cm)
Lower Auger Flighting Thickness 1/2'' (1.3 cm)
Lower Auger Flighting Diameter 24'' (61 cm)
Lower Auger Tube - Outside Diameter 5 9/16'' (14 cm)
Lower Auger Drive Shaft Diameter 3'' (7.6 cm)
Upper Auger Flighting Diameter 24'' (61 cm)
Upper Auger Flighting Thickness 3/8" (1 cm)
Upper Auger Tube - Outside Diameter 5 9/16'' (14 cm)
Upper Auger Drive Shaft Diameter 3'' (7.6 cm)
Lower Auger Tube - Wall Thickness 1/2'' (1.3 cm)
Upper Auger Tube - Wall Thickness 1/2'' (1.3 cm)
Roller Chain Drive 100-120
Axle Configuration Single axle
Unit Weight 12,600 lbs (5,715 kg)
Weighing System Four-Point
Door Opening Size 31.5'' x 32.25'' (80 x 82 cm)
Sidewall Thickness 3/16'' (0.5 cm)
Auger Hopper Thickness 5/16'' (0.8 cm)
Slide Tray - Transport Width 96'' (244 cm)
Slide Tray - Maximum Height 28'' (71 cm)
Slide Tray - Maximum Reach 3'' (7.6 cm)
3-Auger Discharge - 24"/36" (61/91 cm) - Maximum Reach 7''/19'' (18/48 cm)
3-Auger Discharge - 24"/36" (61/91 cm) - Maximum Height 55''/65'' (140/165 cm)
3-Auger Discharge - 24"/36" (61/91 cm) - Transport Width 105''/112'' (267/285 cm)
Side Chain & Slat Conveyor - 36"/48" (91/122 cm) - Maximum Reach 19''/30'' (48/76 cm)
Side Chain & Slat Conveyor - 36"/48" (91/122 cm) - Maximum Height 67''/78'' (170/198 cm)
Side Chain & Slat Conveyor - 36"/48" (91/122 cm) - Transport Width 109''/116'' (277/295 cm)
Cab-Mounted Indicator Mount and Joystick Controls Standard
Steel Rear Bumper Standard
Clearance Light Kit Standard