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Cone-Style Auger & Kicker Design

Cone-style augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The smooth, continuous auger flighting (1) creates a rolling feed action that improves mixing. The curved, bolt-on kicker (2) is formed rearward to efficiently charge the door with feed the entire way on each pass for even discharge and decreased unloading time. The adjustable, replaceable lead-flighting scraper (3) is angled to guide feed up the auger flighting for efficient movement.

Hardened Knives

Large, 15” or 20”, replaceable hay cutting knives are available to best handle the material to be processed. The knives have two positions to adjust the aggressiveness of the knife angle. Versatility of knife length, angle and position allow for an optimal setting with a wide variety of ration ingredients.

  • A: Knife set in for slicing and cutting
  • B: Knife set out for grabbing and tearing


Efficient Mixing Chamber

Improvements to the mixing chamber work in combination with the redesigned augers to increase feed movement. Straighter sides, smoother curves and steeper baffles help promote a fast, complete mix for a fluffy, palatable ration. No pre-processing or special loading is required for round or square bales making it easy to load and use. Faster auger speeds also provide quicker, more complete clean-out.

Adjustable Hay Stops

The adjustable hay stops provide flexibility in processing to provide you with the cut length necessary to reach the optimal nutritional value you’re striving for. This adjust-ability makes hay processing more efficient and helps minimize over-processing.


Straight Drive

VT 132 and VT 144 Models feature a straight-drive planetary system that provides simplicity for lower torque applications.

Patented Split Drive

The patented drive system on the VT 156 and 168 models consists of a 2-speed, split-drive gearbox, two planetary gearboxes and two torque-disconnect PTOs. This system provides reliable performance and long service life with a simple and quiet design.

The 2-speed, split-drive gearbox provides the flexibility of high and low speeds without adding another gearbox. It allows for a lower horsepower and easier starting speed (28 rpm in low) while also having a high speed for fast mixing and more complete clean-out (41 rpm in high).

The gearbox can be shifted manually on the machine or with an in-cab electric shift option for operator convenience.

Heavy-Duty Gearboxes

The twin planetaries are designed to provide dependable performance and long life. The drive systems allow the use of single-stage planetaries, which produces far less heat for easier cooling.

Easy Accessibility

Easily pull the planetary from the top of the mixer for improved and easier service. This easy accessibility is especially helpful for truck mount models as it does not require dismounting the mixer from the chassis.


Multiple Door Options

Various door configuration options on trailed and stationary models offer flexibility to fit a variety of feeding situations. The large discharge openings provide fast, even unloading from front, side and rear door locations for maximum efficiency.

Choose a front door for clear visibility of the material coming out of the door. The front cross conveyor uses rugged components for unmatched dependability. A heavy-duty, steel floor on the VT 132-168, along with the heaviest conveyor chain in the industry, helps ensure long life and less down time. New discharge options provide the ultimate in versatility to match most feeding situations.

Truck and stationary models offer a left-side door, while trailer models offer doors on either or both sides. The large openings allow fast unloading with comparable feed flow out of one door that many competitive machines get with two.

A rear commodity door is available on VT 144-168 models. The large opening provides fast discharge, even with high-roughage premixes. A discharge tray is included on truck models to direct material flow for clean, accurate feed placement.

Trailer, Truck or Stationary Configuration

To suit your operation’s needs, KUHN VT 100 Series mixers are available in a trailer, truck-mounted or stationary configuration.

Trailer models are the most popular configuration as they are the most economical and versatile. Being detachable allows the tractor to be used elsewhere on the farm when not being used for feeding.

Truck-mounted models are a suitable option for those that have to feed cows at several different locations, with large travel distances. This option allows a feeder to quickly get from the mixing location to the feed bunk and back again.

For operations looking to maximize feeding efficiency and mixer throughput, the VT 144 twin-auger mixer is available in a stationary configuration. Stationary mixers are ideal for producers with a centralized feeding location, who utilize a mobile feed cart delivery system, such conveyors or feed carts.


Capacity 560 ft³ (15.9 m³)
Capacity with Extensions 630 ft³ (18 m³)
Maximum Net load 18,900 lbs (8,573 kg)
Overall Height 119" (302 cm)
Overall Height - With Hay Retention Ring 124" (315 cm)
Overall Height - 6" (15 cm) Belt Extension 125" (318 cm)
Overall Length 243" (617 cm) | 215" (546 cm)
Mixing Chamber Length 215" (546 cm)
Tread Width 100" (254 cm)
Number of Augers 2
Auger RPM 41 
PTO Drive Mechanical or Hydrostatic
PTO Protection Torque-Disconnect
Knives per Auger (Standard / Maximum) 5/6
Auger Diameter 86" (218 cm)
Lower Auger Flighting Thickness 5/8" (1.6 cm)
Upper Auger Flighting Thickness 1/2" (1.3 cm)
Unit Weight 13,000 lbs (5,897 kg)
Weighing System 4-Point
Front Door Opening Size 42" x 40" (107 x 102 cm)
Side Door Opening Size 42" x 40" (107 x 102 cm)
Rear Door Opening Size 42" x 40" (107 x 102 cm)
Floor Thickness 5/8" (1.6 cm)
Sidewall Thickness 1/4" (0.6 cm)
Front Conveyor Width 36" (91 cm)
Side Conveyor Width 44" (112 cm) 
Slide Tray - Maximum Height 31'' (79 cm)
Slide Tray - Maximum Reach 14'' (36 cm)
Side Chain & Slat Conveyor -
(61/91/122/152/183 cm) - Maximum Height
(122/137/152/168/183 cm)
Side Chain & Slat Conveyor -
(61/91/122/152/183 cm) - Maximum Reach
(56/84/109/132/163 cm)
Front Incline Chain & Slat Conveyor -
24"/36" (61/91 cm) - Maximum Reach
22"/33" (56/84 cm)
Front Incline Chain & Slat Conveyor -
24"/36" (61/91 cm) - Maximum Height
60"/66" (152/168 cm)
Front Conveyor Travel - Left or Right 8" (20 cm)
Front Flat Chain & Slat
Conveyor - Maximum Reach
8" (20 cm)
Front Flat Chain & Slat
Conveyor - Maximum Height
45'' (114 cm)
Truck Drive Mechanical or Hydrostatic
Truck Subframe Single or Tandem Axle 
Clearance Light Kit Standard